The Revolution: Adapted Pilot Training

Our software helps to tailor training syllabi to the needs of the individual trainee.

Different trainees have different background knowledge depending on their previous experience (i.e. the aircraft type they have flown). This background can be used to enhance the quality and efficiency of the training:

  • highlight the similarities in operating the new aircraft compared to the known one,
  • focus training on the differences and new aspects,
  • train from what is known to what is new.

We call training according to these three principles Enhanced Adapted Transition Training – EATT. Our SyllabusManager supports realizing EATT.

EATT is the most consequent and efficient way to enhance the standard of training quality!

Todays One-Size-Fitts-All versus the new Enhanced Adapted Transition Training.
Today’s “One-Size-Fits-All” versus the new, model-based Enhanced Adapted Transition Training.


EATT means continuous adaptation:

EATT Continuous Adaptation

Support is provided for efficient construction of the syllabus and it supports grading during training performance.

TrainingSuite consists of two parts: SyllabusManager and TrainingManager.

TrainingSuite additionally provides the following features:

  • a graphical user interface
  • creating lessons by drag & drop
  • completing lessons by copy & paste
  • FCLR (Flight Crew Licensing Requirements ) coverage check
  • export to e-worksheet
  • interactive grading
  • notes for feedback

Note: TrainingSuite can work with any e-grading scheme of an ATO / customer

Graphical User Interface of the SyllabusManager
Graphical User Interface of the SyllabusManager


Please feel free to contact us for further information and a demo:

Dr. Andreas Lüdtke,
Capt. Frank Rister,
Jan-Patrick Osterloh,



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